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Food Service Announcement for Bellville  ISD Cafeteria regarding
Online Meal Application set to begin on August 27th



 food service
food service

The Bellville ISD Food and Nutrition Services staff is excited about the new school year and looks forward to continuing to provide nutritious and delicious meals for our students and staff.


Bellville ISD participates in the USDA School Breakfast and the National School Lunch Programs. The district is required to be compliant in following guidelines, regulations and policies. This includes day-to-day operations, planning meals, meal service and pricing of meals served.

CAMPUS                             Lunch             Breakfast 

Elementary                               $2.80                       $1.70

Intermediate                             $2.80                       $1.70

Junior High School                      $3.00                      $1.70

High School                                $3.00                      $1.70


District Wide

Adult                                    $4.00                       $2.50

Visitor                                   $4.50                       $3.25


À la carte  - On a per Item basis

Meal Guidelines for Breakfast:

A student will not be required to take any one specific meal component to be able to meet the meal requirements; however, a student will have to take at least three of the four items offered at breakfast to count as a complete meal.  One being 1/2 cup of fruit or juice.

Meal Guidelines for Lunch:

Lunch meal requirements will remain the same with the students having to choose either a fruit or vegetable and at least 2 more items, or up to 4 more items to make a complete meal.

The cafeteria staff will help children make good choices during both breakfast and lunch meals to make sure the students meet the guidelines for a meal. More information about the USDA meal guidelines can be found at WWW.USDA.GOV OR WWW.SQUARMEALS.ORG 

If you have any special requests for your child's meal account, please contact Cyndi Coker.

Cyndi Coker, Food Service Director

Bellville Isd Meal Charge Policy

Food Service Goal
The BISD Food Service department, in conjunction with the district and community, will contribute to the education process by providing nutritious, low-cost, quality meals to students while providing excellent customer service.