About Us

Bellville ISD Transportation Department 
1043 E. Hacienda 
Bellville, TX 77418 

Bellville ISD Route Bus

Welcome to Bellville I.S.D. Transportation Department

Fun facts about B.I.S.D. Transportation

  • We travel approx. two thousand five hundred (2,500) miles daily on AM & PM routes
  • We transport approx. one thousand students per day to and from school
  • We cover 642 square miles daily
  • We have an entire International bus fleet
  • All route and field trip buses have A/C
  • The average age of our fleet is 7.5 years old
  • The Transportation department is the largest department in the district.
  • In 2016-2017 we drove over 100 thousand miles in field trips
  • In 2016-2017 we drove over 300 thousand miles on to and from school routes



It’s a great day to be a Bellville Brahma!!!