Bellville ISD Special Education Staff

Primary Telephone Number: 979-865-7020
Fax Telephone Number: 979-865-5982
Diagnosticians Telephone Number: 979-865-9047
LSSP/Behavior Interventionist Telephone Number: 979-865-9120

Director of Special Education/504
Dr. Megan Pape
Office: 979-865-7012

Administrative Assistant/Records
Wendy Guerrero

Diagnosticians/ARD Facilitator
Amber Becerra,
Lead Diagnostician
Bethany Sherrard, Diagnostician
Jamie Grebe, Diagnostician
Michelle Heintschel, ARD Facilitator

Kelly Ponce, LSSP
Christopher Alford, LSSP
Casey Spence, Behavior Interventionist

Speech and Language
Jana Cornell, Lead Speech Language Pathologist
Cheryl Gregory, Speech Pathologist
Whitney Mahlmann, Speech Language Assistant

Amber Manzano

Specialized Teachers
Allison Ray, Teacher of the Visually Impaired / Orientation & Mobility
Melinda Utley, Itinerant Teacher for the Deaf and Hard of Hearing

Patty Mills, Occupational Therapist
Susana Schultz, Occupational Therapist Assistant
Evett Hamlin, Physical Therapist Assistant

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